About Us

The idea to build Stars Wiki was born when a simple blogger who just really loved a celebrity and wanted to know everything there is about him. While many celebrity sites show info about specific info on celebs, not a lot show it all together, whether it’s net worth, height and weight or current spouse, we have all the info on a data base of more than 1,000 celebs and growing.

We collect our data using multiple data points and connections in the industry, we also fact check everything to make sure it’s as accurate as it can be, and we try and update the articles as needed throughout the year to keep them up to date.

Our writers and editors leave no stone un turned in the goal of giving our readers the most accurate and valuable information on any celeb we feature on the site. All the images are sourced from Instagram and are owned by their respected owners. We comply with the DMCA and will remove any image that is requested by its rightful owner.

Meet the team

Ben Renward

Editor in chief

Ben is in charge of publishing and making sure all the editors and writers do their job, and that their articles are accurate. Ben has a long history of writing for gossip and celeb news sites, so it was a perfect match with our site. Besides writing about celebs, Ben enjoys playing tennis and claims he could have turned pro. OK.

Russel Onslow

Senior writer and researcher

Russel is our go-to guy when we need to find info about a specific celeb that is not overly popular or there is lacking info on him or her. Russel has the unique skill of finding anything about anyone and we seriously think that when he’s not writing for Starswiki, he is an actual spy or a CIA agent. One of these for sure!

Trish Oddom


Trish was a former gossip writer in a very famous online magazine ( like the biggest – yeah, that one ) and she got tired of reporting on what the famous people had for lunch and what they wore, so she decided to step up her game and start writing more quality, and in-depth articles about the famous people she once knew. When she’s not writing she loves to hike with her dog.

Jonah Lampard

Freelance contributor

Jonah reached out to us a while ago to ask if he can write for the site, as he was already a fan. Like the open minded people that we are, we gave him a shot, and he proved himself a very good writer. With a new found glory, Jonah now pumps out articles at an alarming rate that makes us question if he is actually a wizard or some sort or just really really good at his job. ( Wizard it is )

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