Sandra Purdy, Ken Osmond’s wife : Biography, Age, Height, Wikipedia

Sandra Purdy mourning the death of his husband American actor, Ken Osmond who died at the age of 76. This news was first confirmed and reported by his son Eric Osmond to global media. We tried to collect personal and early life information about Sandra but we couldn’t discover concrete information because lack of resources. Although we will try to gather much information as we can in future about her parents and education so as soon as any information available then it would be updated here.

Sandra Purdy Husband

However his husband kicked off his acting career from just four years of age and rose to fame in early 1950s. He was most probably known for his role Eddie Haskell in American sitcom Leave it to Beaver. Later in 1980 he reprised the same role with more passion in follow up series The New Leave it to Beaver. However, later he didn’t get much work in career so he joined the police force in LAPD. He married to Sandra Purdy in 1969 and they had two children from marriage life, Eric and Christian Osmond.

Following to his retirement from the LAPD, he handled the rental properties in the Los Angeles and some times, made public appearances on promotional events. In 2007, he came into limelight after filling lawsuit of $8 million against Screen Actors Guild. According to lawsuit, SAG gathered about $8 million in foreign residuals for U.S. actor but hadn’t distributed amount to the actors. Apart from this, he was the co-author who had collaborated with Christopher Lynch and wrote Eddie: The Life and Times of America’s Preeminent Bad Boy.

Cause of Death

Ken Osmond died at his home on 18th May 2020 at 76 years of age but his cause of death wasn’t immediately reported. But, one of his colleagues said that he suffered from respiratory problem so he died probably due to complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and peripheral artery disease. Ken is survived by his wife of nearly 5 decades of and their two children, Eric and Christian Osmond. Following to this news, so many heartbroken fans paid tribute to him on social media and Skid Row Singer Sebastian Bach was one of them. He said,

“If you want to talk about my all-time influences, Ken Osmond AKA Eddie Haskell is right up there. My whole life I have laughed so hard watching Ken Osmond in Leave it to Beaver. During this time my kids have started watching too. Just last night Disappointed face THANK U”

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