Rowan Baxter Biography, Age, Death, Wife, Family, Net Worth

Ex-NRL star Rowan Baxter has lost his life along with his three children in a tragic Brisbane car fire. At first it looks like a natural calamity due to technical failure in car engine but in real it’s not the case. His wife who eventually got away from the car claimed that it was murder attempt made by Rowan and told “He poured oil on me”, “save my children”.

Rowan Baxter Family:

Rowan and Hannah were split up about a year ago and after that, she went to live with her parents in Camp Hill. They both were working to get get custody of their children but nobody would have even thought about this incident. Rowan first bought a jerry can of fuel from a nearby petrol station and poured it over the car and set the car on fire when Hannah was on the way to school.

At that time, Hannah Baxter who was the only person to jumped out of burning car in a horrific Brisbane car fire also died due to succumbed to injuries. Eye witnesses said that it was awful as Rowan even resisted firefighters who tried to control the fire and stabbed himself in the chest. All three children Lainah, Aaliyah and Trey burnt alive along with Baxter in the car and lost their lives. Rowan was fighting over custody of their children against his wife.

Baxter was born in New Zealand and grew up in Tauranga Region and also completed his high school and college studies there. He attended Tauranga Boys College where he played a pre-season game for the NRL in 2005. Former rugby star Charles is his brother who used to play for Bay of Plenty Streamers in the position of a wing. Charles has also represented his country at international level in seven circuits during 2003 to 2007. Although a spokesperson from New Zealand Warriors told that Rowan was in the NRL squad in 2005 but he didn’t played a match but he used to play in trials.

Rowan Baxter Biography

Real Name Rowan Baxter
Birth Date Not Known
Age 42 years
Death February, 19 2020
Birth Place Tauranga, New Zealand
Nationality New Zealanders
Profession Warriors player, Fitness Coach
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Not Known

Rowan Baxter Height, Weight and Body Measurement

Height in feet inches – 6’ 0” – in centimeters – 182 cm  
Weight in Kilograms – 84 kg  –  in Pounds –  187 lbs
Chest Size 38 Inches
Waist Size 30 Inches
Becips Size 20 Inches
Shoe Size Not Known
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Body Type Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight


School Tauranga Boys’ College
College Tauranga Boys’ College

Rowan Baxter Family

Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Sister Not Known
Brother Charles Baxter

Rowan Baxter Affairs (Relationship Status)

What was Rowan Baxter marital status? (single, married, in relation or divorce) Married
How many children did Rowan Baxter had? (name) Three (Laianah Baxter, Aaliyah Baxter, Trey Baxter)
Who was Rowan Baxter wife? (name) Hannah Baxter

Favorite Things

Actor Not Known
Actress Not Known
Films Not Known

Rowan Baxter Net Worth:

There is no wikipedia information available regarding his net worth but he was an owner of a fitness club in Integra8 & Crossfit SMC in Brisbane. His net worth exact figures are still under review and we will let you know once disclosed.

Trivia: Important Facts about Rowan Baxter

  • Rowan was born and grown up in Tauranga region in New Zealand.
  • Although he was living in Brisbane and worked as a fitness trainer.
  • Rowan and his wife owned integr8 Fitness Gym in Capabala, Brisbane.
  • He died on 19th February 2020 early morning due to self-inflicted stab wounds.
  • All three children died in the car fire tragedy, Laianah, Aaliyah and Trey.

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  1. Rowan Baxter’s parents and extended family have some serious questions to answer…a thorough investigation of his childhood needs to be conducted as a matter of urgency…in my experience these types of incidents can be traced back to perpetrators, who can be identified and dealt with.

    • Baxter is the result of a drunken fuck and should have been put down at birth. Needless to say there will be only 2 bearers as a rubbish bin has 2 handles.

  2. Rowen Baxter should have lived and spent the rest of his life disfigured and living in pain remembering what an evil piece of shit he was. Death was too easy for a piece of shit like that. Maggot trash.

    • I agree!!! what a bastard and the lowest act a person can do (well he is a monster really) – no doubt he had a bad upbringing in order for him to act this way and his family doesn’t speak out the truths. He is garbage and now 4 innocent people are dead because of what he did and he was a coward, didn’t have the balls to take his own life instead and let them live in peace.

  3. Rowan Baxter should have been scheduled into a mental health unit ASAP for his behaviour.There is something wrong when no authority or family stand up for the welfare of little children when there father is violent,abussive and dangerious.Why and where were these blood relatives???>All disappear when accountability is on the line of knowing the history of a persons behaviour is hidden or brushed over.His parents,brother and people would know of this life lng behaviour as it is not an acute thing to display unless you are suffering brain tumors or other health conditions.Was this man on gym junkie steroids?/ inhanser and all about those hidden substances!!!More to the story from the New Zealand family as they would have know this mans history without a dout.They should hide in shame and be disgusted to think people died and should not have.

  4. Why do we let kiwi scum into our wonderful country? Terrible crimes-kids incinerated and others all drowned in tool boxes. All done by kiwi scum. This is too much to bear.

    • This isn’t related to nationality. Didn’t Australia breed Brendan Tarrant? Killed 51 people on one day in New Zealand. The crimes are too much to bear but you seriously need to overhaul the rest of your thinking and stop acting like New Zealanders are coming over here in droves and killing Australians.

      • No there not over here on a killing spree but there is a lot of crim and serious crimes committed buy New Zealanders agaaist Australian citetzenns and dont forget Terry Clark since you raised Tarrant and can name plenty more.

    • I ask the same thing!! There are so many people in this world that are good and would love to live in our country and actually do some good but have to go through so much money and visas etc just to have a good life and they let people like this in and look what happens! I have been wanting my wife to some and live with me and she’s a health professional and a therapist and we can’t because of all the visa expenses and so on, but then we see this and think…. Australia chooses who can and cannot live there and this monster was able to move to our country, marry a great woman from a good family and have 3 beautiful children and then he takes their lives….. does this sound fair?! is this justified?

    • He’s controlled and terrorised and sexually abused that poor woman their entire marriage and also threatened to kill another child from a previous marriage several years ago. There was nothing sudden about it. Her family have done an extensive interview discussing his behaviour over the years – perhaps you could watch it and see if it still fits your theory.

  5. Let’s hope this tragedy changes attitudes among men. Thinking women are good for either cleaning or sex and nothing else…. is a sign of serious imbalance and not something to be laughed about.

    • Ummm – the Killings in NZ last year at the mosque was by an OZ-Y … not NZer… and I’m sure NZ people were stating something similar… as said to them … have a look at your beliefs/ principles and value-base .. not to dissimilar to the behaviour spiral we’re discussing here – get some counselling for your own pain and take care!

      • New Zealander trash locked up in more than any other foriegn nationals in Aus which says a lot about NZ . Tarrant is a terriorst not a sociopath .

        • Mate every country has a loathsome sector Kiwis are not these people you refer to I have lived in Australia for 30 Years and when I first came here I was referred to as a bludging kiwi because I worked all of the overtime available to me… Then the wogs… had to endure the same Wogs as they were refered to were Italian people… Beautiful and welcoming people Mate if you want to get some perspective on ‘SCUM’ your word not mine… Read about the pinnacle of scum Look on youtube two firth scum by the name of Barrie Watts and Valdime Bec… The 10-year-old child victim was a kiwi from and from a perfect family
          Mate, I don’t mean any offense to your opinion but it’s not a racial discrimination topic


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